Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bone Jewelry Creations in my Etsy Shop

Over the years I've made jewelry and art from the bones I've found, for myself and friends. Now I'm offering to you some new jewelry pieces, bone beads and other bone/teeth supplies in my BoneLust Etsy Shop.

I want you to be aware that I never have nor ever will harm or kill an animal for my bone collection or for the animal remains used/sold here.

Real Animal Jaw Pendant Necklaces

I've worn a lot of animal jaw bones over the years. Now I want to share some new pieces with fellow bone lovers. Each one is a one-of-a-kind handmade piece. I try to pair up charms and other items with each that best suit the jaw. Usually the charms are vintage and/or found. Some of the jaws are even vintage. This is an ongoing series. I will have fox jaws up next.

Cat Jaw & Vintage Virgin Mary Charm Pendant
Cat Jaw Pendant and Vintage Virgin Mary Charm

Opossum Jaw and Budding Branch Pendant
Opossum Jaw Pendant and Budding Flower Branch Charm

Vintage Rabbit Jaw & Abalone Cross Pendant
Rabbit Jaw with Abalone Cross and Indian Head Coin Charm

Full selection here - Bone and Teeth Pendants

Glass Vial Pendants with Real Animal Remains

Large Glass Vial  Pendant: Mammal Tail Bones & Vintage Virgin Mary Charm
Mammal Tail Bones and Vintage Virgin Mary Charm

I love the idea of having a tiny natural history specimen jar to wear or hang on your car's rear view mirror. Or put in your cabinet of curiosities. "Specimens" can vary from any number of animal bones or teeth, to porcupine quills, sharks teeth, snake skin... etc.

Small Glass Vial Pendants with Various Charms: Snake Vertebrae, Porcupine Quills & Shark Teeth
Snake Vertebrae, Porcupine Quills and Shark Teeth

Small Glass Vial Pendant: Mammal Bones & Lucky Charm
Mammal Bones and Lucky Charm

Full selection here - Glass Vial Bone Pendants

Bone Beads & Teeth for Your Jewelry & Crafts

I have lots of found bones and teeth for your own jewelry and craft projects. As well as overstock items I'm willing to pass on. Some are already beads ready to string up or use on a pendant...

Curved Rectangle Carved Bone Beads - 1

Full selection here of Bone and Teeth Beads

... and others are ones I've found, cleaned and whitened and left as they are.


BONELUST - Prepping for "Nothing But Teeth" Project 3

BONELUST - Peroxide Whitening American Alligator Teeth


Wild Boar Teeth - 4

Two Large Teeth Set 2 - 1

Full selection here of Bones and Teeth (and eventually Skulls)

Let me know if you have any requests, I do custom orders! I also have lots of new pieces in the works - lockets, teeth jewelry, earrings, brass insects, clock part jewelry and much more to come. Also, all of my pendants come with your choice from 4 different chain styles.

You can purchase any of my items directly through me paying via PayPal. So you don't have to have an Etsy account. Add me at Facebook for sneak peaks and previews BEFORE they are listed on Etsy. You would be able to buy items directly from me there before they are available to the general public.

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And if you see an image in any of my Flickr BONELUST sets that you are interested in purchasing just contact me to work out the details here -