Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Origins of Bonelust

Bonelust is a play on bloodlust, which is a desire for violence and carnage. So then perhaps bonelust is the desire for the remains of bloodlust. Just the bones and whatever else remains from an often unseen violent act. Much of my bone collection is from roadkill or hunting remains. Neither of which I was the guilty party. Some of it was bought and the rest was found in its final beautiful ivory remains.

BONELUST - Found Opossum Bones in Jar
Opposum bones found in the woods next to my house.

I've had much interest shown in my "museum" if you will over the years. My house is laid out in every direction with interesting things for the eyes to behold. Although admittedly, for those who enjoy the darker aesthetics in life.

Here, I will share my countless collections, artwork, writing, photography...everything. Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

jana! i' so excited about this venture you're starting. i can definitely sympathize with the mysterious disappearance of sentimental treasures while away from home. once when i was about 15, and once when i returned home 4 months ago to find my entire collection of everything from books and records to vintage valentines and clothing had been disposed of.

i love your home and the fact that there' something amazing in every nook and cranny. if i can't visit you anymore in life, at least i can still visit here. i'm putting in a request for bone saws and such. just sayin'.

love you girl!


The She-Creature said...

Love this and love you!


Jana Miller said...

Awww, thanks guys!

Tricia, the bonesaws will certainly make an appearance here at some point!

love. love. love.