Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gift Bones - Part 2

Much of my bone collection is found, prepped, and cleaned by myself. Some is bought, and the rest came as gifts from exceptionally understanding friends.

One of my earliest bone gifts is a painted deer hip bone from my friend Jason. I got it from him about 22 years ago. I love how it seems to double as a mask.

BONELUST - Painted Deer Hip Bone: Gift from Late 1980s 1

BONELUST - Painted Deer Hip Bone: Gift from Late 1980s 2

Earlier this year my niece, Liz, surprised me with bone gifts. Some misc animal bones, a pile of small mammal jaws retrieved from owl droppings, and a cat skull. I like to believe I've been a good influence on her...heh

BONELUST - Cat Skull Gift from Niece with Box (She Calls Me Ant Instead of Aunt & I Love It)

The cat was sadly hit by a car. She buried it, dug it back up, and glued the broken skull back together. I don't normally bury the road kill or hunted game I find. It can stain and rot the bones at a faster pace than using a "bone box".

BONELUST - Cat Skull Gift from Niece 2

But I think the distorted skull, missing part of the nasal cavity, and lack of row of teeth really adds to it. Plus the way the skull is stained really brings out the teeth.

BONELUST - Cat Skull Gift from Niece

My most recent gruesome gift is thanks to Amanda. She found this unknown bird species head on top of a car. I suspect that it was eaten by a larger predator bird by the way the back of skull and neck bones are exposed. I imagine as it ate the smaller bird, the head fell from the tree above.

BONELUST - Unknown Bird Species Head: Gift from a Friend

It could have been caused by a cat as well. But they don't normally carry a bird on top of a car to eat. Rather, they'd want it in a safe hiding place. And cats are know to eat bird and small mammal heads entirely.

Amanda came out to visit me where I was selling my photos recently, and presented me with this lovely package that looked like two blooming flowers.

BONELUST - Bird Head Package

Inside was this:

BONELUST - Unknown Bird Species Head in Gift Box: Gift from a Friend

As a "thank you" gift I gave her one of my dead bird prints. It may have been this one:

BONELUST - Dead Yellow-rumped Warbler 4

Thanks so much to Jason, Liz and Amanda for these uncommon gifts!

Stay tuned for more in this series of "gift bones" to come.

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