Sunday, June 14, 2009

Found Bones - Part 1

I live way out in the country on the "Nature Coast" of Florida, in Dixie County. The Suwannee River is less than a quarter of a mile away and the Gulf of Mexico is about a 40 minute drive. There are so many different kinds of wild creatures to be seen in my yard alone. Deer, boar, turkey, rabbits, opossum, armadillo, snakes, frogs, mice, raccoons, owls, woodpeckers, lizards, skinks and on and on.

Juvenile Grey Rat Snake - 1
Juvenile Grey Rat Snake.

Wild Turkey Chick Saved from my Cat - Meleagris gallopavo
Wild Turkey chick saved from my cat and returned to mother.

Playing Tag with a Young Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)
Playing tag with a young Nine-banded Armadillo.

Much of the bones in my collection have been found over the years. But once I acquired part feral dogs, they seemed to just appear in my yard. I consider them gifts from my dogs. :)

I find bones fairly regularly in my yard because my dogs, Falcor and Artax, find the remains that hunters throw in the woods... or roadkill.

While I moved out here to be one with nature, much of the original residents here enjoy killing the animals I love to catch a glimpse of. I really don't like hunting but I have also come to realize that a lot of the people that live out in rural areas like this feed their families this way. I imagine there are even more people hunting now with the economy so bad.

From time to time the dogs drag a skull of a wild boar into the yard or I just find remains of the teeth or part of a jaw. This is the largest remains of a boar skull I've found yet. Looks like it has been in the woods for a long time. Wish I knew where my dogs were finding these!

BONELUST - Gift from the Dogs: Really Old Wild Boar Skull

Below is a found Wild Boar jaw that I wedged in between tree limbs. If you look carefully you can see where animals have been gnawing on it for calcium. I have deer antlers outside that they have nearly completely chewed up. This jaw has been here for so long now that the tree is actually growing into it. Amazing.

BONELUST - Found Wild Boar Jaw Wedged in Tree 1

I'm hoping that my dogs didn't kill the dog this skull is from. They had been chewing on it in the yard and broke it. I plan on attempting to glue it back together.

BONELUST - Found Skull & Fragments

One day I found this huge spine and ribcage in my back yard. It is either from a wild boar or deer.

BONELUST - Deer or Wild Boar Ribcage with Foot as Size Reference

But Falcor wasn't letting me near it for long.

BONELUST - Falcor Claiming the Deer or Wild Boar Ribcage 2

By the next day all that remained was part of the spine. So I tossed it somewhere the dogs couldn't get to and it is cleaning up real nice all by itself.

BONELUST - Spine of Either a Wild Board or Deer

Stay tuned for more in this series of found bones to come.


Mammoth said...

BONES, Are established in Humans for unknown thousands of years. Humans have been using bones in every imaginable way and method. Ornamentation is one my favorite and significant even a simple bone found in a river or beach carries with it a potential story and color / texture that is attractive. My ultimate favorite bone findings are ancient ones, even the most common of us can discover and with great effort, remarkable finds are possible..Bill

Mammoth said...

Hard wind, cool then cold and vision with sand and ocean spray. Dark red in the sand as raven shifts from it. The red moves as tide washes through it and back from it then gone from view. Under the sand and now a memory. The Arctic as it gives then takes away under the waves now and waits for low tide, again. The Raven now follows the line of beach for another view as I lag behind in my quest. The same water splashes over a giant shark tooth, black with red ancient rock on your beach, for you to discover...The tide clears it...It fits in your hand as your hand fits you, treasure, love really

Andrés Felipe said...

Hi, nice blog! nice bones!!

I got a very lil colection myself.
And a blog about death, but... it´s in spanish, mmmm, anyway...

cool stuff.

priscilla rose said...

How did you get the spine so clean? I am in the process of trying to clean one and it is still connected and has part of the spinal cord. Any tips?

Jana Miller said...

You'll find that answer at this blog post of mine - The Mathematics Of Maceration - A HowTo Guide For The Impatient -

Kat Savage said...

my parents aren't so fond of the idea of having bones in the house, how could I persuade them to let me keep bones in my room.
currently I have only two kangaroo skulls, a sheep skull and a fox skeleton.

Great blog, found the info very helpful :)

Jana Miller said...

Kat Savage, Explain to them that you're interested in science, natural history, animals, osteology, etc... not just death as they likely see it. i had the same issue with my parents for a long time. Good luck!