Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Get Help on Facebook: Bone Collecting & Processing Groups

Hello! I apologize for turning off commenting here and never answering some questions. I had way more questions coming in than I will ever have time to fully answer. Plus it is hard to really help you guys here without seeing your photos. So I’m redirecting you to a much better format to help you out - my Facebook groups.
If you did not already know - I’m a full time natural history artist and pet aftercare specialist. Which is my only means of income. My shop is Bonelust.Etsy.Com

I have an overwhelming amount of Pet Memorial Services I’ve taken on. And also find and process most of my own supplies, which is very time consuming. 
All while answering countless bone processing, bone ID and art related questions daily at Instagram, Tumblr, Etsy, Flickr & especially Facebook. If you want help with processing or identification I highly suggest you join the related groups below. Even if I am personally too busy to answer your questions one-on-one, there are still a lot of very helpful and experienced members in my groups.

My Facebook groups have been around the longest, with the most members… on these topics:

For bone processing help, bone ID help, bone/natural history sales and to show off collections. ONLY non-human animal bones. No art. - Skull Collecting

Sister group to Skull Collecting with less restrictions. More of an "everything goes" group - Bone Collectors

For artists to share/sell the art THEY made from animal by-products and for others to buy - Bone & Taxidermy, Art & Jewelry

To sell/buy human bones/organs and to show off related collections - Collectors Of Human Skulls And Bones

I have more groups but those are the four main groups and from there I can redirect members to more specific groups. Request to join and once I approve you you can start interacting. PLEASE allow me some time to review your FB profile to make sure you are not a bot. I run many groups with over 30K combined members. I am the only person that admins the above FB groups. Sometimes it could take some time before you are added so I appreciate your patience!

In the meantime, if you need bone processing help I suggest redirecting to this blog post of mine - 
BONELUST BLOG QUICK LINKS - Answers For Your Bone Processing Questions Are Her 

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